Cane Painting #8 (Golden Cane, 2018/19)

Cane Painting #8 (Golden Cane, 2018/19)

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Cane Painting #8 (Golden Cane, 2018/19) 

Luke Abdallah - House paint, gloss acrylic & acrylic on canvas drop sheet, 140 x 165cm $1800


ABOUT 'Cane Painting #8 (Golden Cane)' & Visual Description

This painting consists of four layers - one representing each of the painting tools and techniques that Luke has been using for his floor paintings.

Layer 1 - Paint roller to make a bold background in lilac grey.

Layer 2 - Thick brush attached to the end of a cane to make strong brushstrokes in a deep grey.

Layer 3 - Luke’s cane, with half a tennis ball attached to the end, dipped in paint to make beautiful line work up and down the canvas in shiny gold.

Layer 4 - Drip paint using watered down, white paint on a brush, Luke drips the paint onto the canvas as he sways his body.



Luke Abdallah is an emerging artist, living and working in Sydney, Australia. Focusing primarily on expressive, abstract painting, Abdallah employs a multitude of tools and techniques to apply paint in swathes of texture and colour. Entranced in his artistic process, Abdallah’s gestural paint strokes capture his actions and movement, forming a rich tapestry of rhythmic energy.

Born totally blind and living with elective mutism, Abdallah incorporates multi-sensory inspiration into his works, often drawing expressiveness from a myriad of stimuli - sound, smell, texture, vibration and taste.

Keenly aware of the importance of accessible practice, Abdallah invites his audience to enjoy his works both by sight and by touch.



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