Forest Nebula

Forest Nebula

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Forest Nebula (2020) 

Luke Abdallah - Acrylic, impasto and glitter on canvas, 76cm x 76cm $750



Forest Nebula exhibits a myriad of colours and application techniques, reflecting the varied plant life of the forest, and the vibrancy and energy of its growth and capacity to adapt.

The background of this work is black, and is overlayed with segments of blue, turquoise, shiny purple, bright orange and mint green. The canvas then holds alternating layers of splatter/dripwork and lined cane work. The splatter work is a combination of white, mint green, pastel peach, pastel pink, bright, cool yellow, bright blue and silver. The line work most prominent is thin and black, moving vertically across the span of the canvas, but there are also lines in silver, peach and mint green.

(This work has previously exhibited as part of 'Sea, Space & Beyond' Vision Australia Tactile Art Exhibition at Newcastle Museum Feb-March 2021. 'Push & Pull, Stroke & Stab' at Goodspace Gallery, Chippendale. Dec 1st 2021 and 'Big Bang' Studio Artes online exhibition Dec 2021)



Luke Abdallah is an emerging artist, living and working in Sydney, Australia. Focusing primarily on expressive, abstract painting, Abdallah employs a multitude of tools and techniques to apply paint in swathes of texture and colour. Entranced in his artistic process, Abdallah’s gestural paint strokes capture his actions and movement, forming a rich tapestry of rhythmic energy.

Born totally blind and living with elective mutism, Abdallah incorporates multi-sensory inspiration into his works, often drawing expressiveness from a myriad of stimuli - sound, smell, texture, vibration and taste.

Keenly aware of the importance of accessible practice, Abdallah invites his audience to enjoy his works both by sight and by touch.



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