Ghost of the Ghost

Ghost of the Ghost

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Ghost of the Ghost

Ink on Mulberry paper (ghost print)

Trace monotype ghost print

15cm x 22.5cm (image)

50cm x 40cm (frame)


"These ancient beasts (Crocodylus porosus) are now the largest crocodile in the world and can grow up to 6m. Although their brains are no larger than a walnut, they are incredible sensory beings. Their skin and bones contain pores that carry messages to their nervous system, sensing heat, movement and chemical changes in the water. Whilst underwater, they can create a complete map of their surroundings, above and below the surface. They can remain dormant underwater for up to 2 hours and can spring into action with remarkable speed."

Katrina Bodey



Exhibition Context: Katrina Bodey is the winner of the Blue Mountains Print Prize 2023 "Emerging Artist Award" and this is her sponsored exhibition courtesy of Gallery NWC.



"SKIN & BONE Northern Territory Crocodile", by Katrina Bodey, is an exploration of the amazing, ancient creature, Crocodylus porosus and its environment. These works are a response to 2 weeks Katrina spent in Larrakia country in the NT with a local licensed crocodile catcher, where she was immersed in the world of the saltwater crocodile".



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