Travelling Through (triptych), 2019

Travelling Through (triptych), 2019

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Travelling Through (triptych), 2019

(Galstone Gorge Panorama)

Acrylic on board

240cm x 100cm - three panels




This painting explores the meandering landscape of Galston Gorge. Luke is very familiar with this windy stretch of road, regularly travelling through the gorge from his home in Kenthurst to Studio ARTES in Hornsby. Starting with a background of sky blues and misty silvers, the painting transports the viewer on a journey through dense shadowy forest on the right to the sun-drenched bushland on the left. His repetitive cane painting strokes are evocative of the hairpin bends and his drip painting technique is used to portray mist, leaves and dappled sunlight.

This is Luke’s first triptych painted on wooden board, which proved a very effective surface to paint on.



Luke Abdallah is an emerging artist, living and working in Sydney, Australia. Focusing primarily on expressive, abstract painting, Abdallah employs a multitude of tools and techniques to apply paint in swathes of texture and colour. Entranced in his artistic process, Abdallah’s gestural paint strokes capture his actions and movement, forming a rich tapestry of rhythmic energy.

Born totally blind and living with elective mutism, Abdallah incorporates multi-sensory inspiration into his works, often drawing expressiveness from a myriad of stimuli - sound, smell, texture, vibration and taste.

Keenly aware of the importance of accessible practice, Abdallah invites his audience to enjoy his works both by sight and by touch.



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