Rural Village

Rural Village

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Rural Village - Oil on canvas. 60cm x 90cm x 35cm

$1400 (ex.gst) | $1540 (including gst)


After studying at the Nanjing University of the Arts in China, I arrived in Australia with the desire to advance my artistic expression. In the 8 years since moving to this beautiful country, I have studied under 2 talented artists:
John Pinto: an oil painter with exceptionally fast technique and skill; Dominic Choy: a well-known architect and primarily watercolour artist who builds on this medium with acrylic and multimedia techniques to create masterpieces. 

Travel is a dominating passion of mine. It has taken me to incredible places around the world and throughout Australia. This is how I know Australia is truly unique. Its psyche is ostensibly based on the bush. I as deeply moved by recent devastating bushfires that saw native animals perish in great numbers. This tragedy and the emotion behind it are reflected in 'Flora after Bushfire'. 

When searching for painting inspiration, I am often drawn to waterfalls, mountains, creeks and rivers with different flora surrounding the wonderful subject matter. However, during the pandemic and lockdowns prohibiting travel, I ventured into the challenging space of abstract art. The new techniques I discovered shed light on a different aspect of my ambition. 

Abstract paintings require more intensity in my thought processes as I search for meaning within uninhabited parts of the world we live in. This is illustrated in the front and back covers of this booklet. 

My journey into abstract exploration, I feel, reflects the natural progression of our modern society. When I paint in this versatile style, I feel aligned with modern day dancers who can summersault multiple times in mid-air. I am filled with excitement and ambition to continually explore my place in this phenomenal space. 


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