Celebrating - JOY MYERS CREED

Acrylic and collage by Joy Myers Creed

Join us in celebrating Joy Myers Creed

Joy is celebrating her arts career and 90th birthday with a retrospective art exhibition. This exhibition will include new contemporary artworks together with selected works from Joy's professional history hosted by the Blue Mountains Creative Arts Center in December.
This exhibition will include acrylic and collage paintings, etchings and everything in between. Landscapes and figurative artworks will feature prominently in this exhibition with a creative and experimental approach for which Joy has become known.

"It delights me to create work like no other that I have seen before" - Joy Myers Creed

Joy has enjoyed a career-spanning interest in the figure and explains "...my long-term project of making art that alludes to the "Human Condition" started very early in my art training at TAFE where I decided that depicting people in a work of art was a good way to have the viewer relate to, or be moved by, the work."
"At university I noted images with a human connection or slant, appeared to garner a much stronger response from the observer than those of works of nature or abstract ideas that lacked that human connection. It seemed to me that whist these types of works may have been safer or perhaps easier to look at, I had within myself a constant challenge - I wanted to see images about mankind that I had not encountered before, I was also searching as to how to allude to some type of spiritual dimension that I could hint at, show, uncover, or demonstrate in new and exciting ways.".

Joy facilitated a life drawing group for over 30 years during which time Joy's goal was simply to practice and improve her ability to demonstrate the "Human Condition" and to encourage engagement between the viewer and the artwork.

Joy has also returned to the 'feather' motif many times throughout her arts career and at times uses the feather to unify her works "feathers are at the top of my list of favorite things" (J. Myers Creed). 
Assignment - Photopolymer etching by Joy Myers Creed & CV/BIO 
"Joy is a long-term friend, neighbor and a highly respected practicing artist in her local community. It is an absolute privilege to provide Joy with our support in celebrating what is an outstanding career and contemporary arts practice, community leadership and engagement through the arts" (K. Kennedy).
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