"Wings of Desire was woven as the centerpiece to my final (UNI) degree show and is, to date, the largest piece I’ve ever made. This, and the rest of my show, was inspired by the contemporary circus; performances in the round; theatrical costumes; circus tents; acrobats; gymnasts and bodies in motion. It was woven at eight ends per inch, in a combination of wool and cotton, much of it hand dyed, and took around nine months to complete."
Susie Summers
Wings of Desire - On Loan from Private Collection, Susie Summers, Tapestry (wool & cotton), 1.32m x 2m, $NFS
This deeply personal piece is not available for sale. Head to our website for Susie's online gallery of works which are available for sale. Please also note that Susie has kindly released several small, framed tapestries for her upcoming 'Meet the Artist' event (see attached graphic for details and come along to support Susie).
Head to our blog to see close details of this piece which is currently exhibited at WOTSO: Pyrmont, 55 Pyrmont Bridge Road. See Reception/Security to access the site located next to their office.
A bit of context
Nationwide curating offers an 'Activating Spaces' solution through regular art installations and art exhibitions via our 'rotating exhibition services'. Artworks are presented on artwork display systems supplied and installed through our qualified team providing quality artwork installation services. Art is transported to and from site through our inhouse artwork transportation service 'Must-Hang Sally'. Artworks for sale through our E-commerce Business allows us to sell original artworks and customers can buy art online directly, discreetly and securely. Our partnership with commercial and corporate clients allows us to display art in public spaces including and contributing to the Sydney art scene and greater NSW art scene.
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