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Clear Day

Concertina Art Book

4 A4 photos 

Double images on watercolour paper




About The Exhibition - 'Coalescence'

The works in my exhibition Coalescence include photography, collage and linocut. Linocuts have been a longstanding part of my practice, creating small impressions of unique places. For the collage works I gathered a collection of photos, taken over numerous visits, in a special place in the bush not far from where I live. Reflections in pools have been a focus of my visits there and act as springboards to the creation of imaginary worlds. My intention is to recreate my experience of a particular place using a selection of these images of rock surfaces, land formation, vegetation and reflections in pools. I want to capture the sense of multiple views, impressions and imaginings as I walk through the landscape. The collages involve the physical cut out and paste of a selection of the photographs that I’ve taken. This adds a physical dimension that digitally composed images do not have. During this process I have discovered a kind of magic that occurs with the juxtaposition of different photographic images. These works I have called photomontage and are presented as framed works.

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