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Goddess of wisdom and prudence.

Veronique Sellies

Ceramic mixed media (brass)

22cm h x 10cm w


Artist’s Statement

With years of experience, immersed in my passion for ceramics, I have honed my art onto wheel-thrown Saggar fired pieces, laced with metalwork. My artistic journey has been influenced by my upbringing in the Middle East, Moroccan pottery always captivated me with the rich earthy colors, symbolic significance and the use of metal overlays on pottery.

Currently residing in the enchanting Blue Mountains, I find myself more connected to the spirits of the forest, informing my work. Through my art, I seek to symbolise the essence of all goddesses and pay homage to the reverence of all spirits.

My previous experience in the engineering world has also played a role in shaping my artistic approach. The precision required in engineering has infused my pieces with meticulous attention to detail. However, it is the process of Saggar firing that grants me a wonderful sense of freedom. My work, mostly wheel thrown, has to be polished with a stone by hand then smoke fired. The process allows my pieces to be natural in feel, often mistaken for stone yet warmer to the touch. The absence of glazes lets the earth shine through with the knowledge that each piece is as individual as a fingerprint. Allowing you to appreciate and respect the elements that have created each totem. I merely aid nature by giving her a canvas to work on.

The uniqueness of each creation is born from a convergence of skill, passion, and the ancient forces that govern the element. I seek to share a profound connection to nature, the spiritual realm, and the enduring beauty of the elements, inviting viewers to embrace the divine harmony that surrounds us and to cherish the artistry of the natural world.


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