Andy Sumner

Andy Sumner remains one of the most highly mentioned artists by visitors of Gallery NWC consistently since opening in January 2024. Congratulations Andy!
What Drives My Art by Andy Sumner
In my landscape painting, my first thought is to light and its companion, shadow, as these can transform even the most ordinary of scenes into a world of unexpected beauty and secrets.
Andy Sumner
Acrylic, acrylic ink & collage
84cm x 63.5cm x 3.5cm #andysumnerart Nationwide Curating @nationwide_curating21 #nattionwidecurating #buttlerflies #landscapepainting #magical #crowdfavorite #stunning #mixedmediaonboard #bluemountainsaustralia @bluemountainsnswaustralia Katoombabluemountains Katoomba Chamber