Article by Alana Gogic - WOTSO Pyrmont & Neutral Bay - Current Exhibitions

We are pleased to be working with such a progressive corporate partner as WOTSO co-working spaces in the fulfillment of our 'rotating exhibition services' vision.
We have just rotated to our third exhibition of the year, curated by Nationwide Curating and hosted by WOTSO. This exhibition will showcase artists Jemma Roberts at WOTSO Neutral Bay and BAEZ BONORRAT at WOTSO Pyrmont.

More about the artists:

Jemma Roberts
Jemma Roberts is an Australian artist who began her career in Early Childhood and then progressed to a Fine Arts degree at COFA in 1985. Continuing her passion for education and the arts, Jemma Roberts went on to finish a Fine Arts course at TAFE in 2009 – 2012.

Jemma Roberts comments: "My art practice centres around the place, memory, nature, and our environment. My art relates to and is drawn from life, but I want my work to have life, energy & joy that expresses some of what I experience daily with all its marvellous beauty & struggle".
Jemma Roberts is currently teaching Drawing and Mixed Media at Kuringai Arts Centre and has been teaching for 40 years, 20 of those years teaching art to children and adults.
"I became an Early Childhood teacher & was very influenced by the theories of learning about play and experimentation, and exploration was how you learned and a way of encouraging children's learning and growth".
Javier BAEZ BONORAT (BAEZ BONORAT by artistic pseudonym) is a Sydney-based Mexican-born artist whose art practice spans over twenty years. BAEZ BONORAT studied the Painting and Drawing Ateliers for two years at the prestigious National School of Fine Arts, a.k.a. 'La Esmeralda' in Mexico City. At 'La Esmeralda', BAEZ BONORAT met Alberto Castro Leñero, who, along with Antonio Esparza, left a big impression on his work and helped to confirm his vocation. A crucial influence in BAEZ BONORAT's artistic career was (and still is) his brother Daniel who first introduced him to the notions of the Chiaroscuro, the manipulation of colour, and the elements of composition.

BAEZ BONORAT's approach to his work revolves around the act of minimal intervention, whereby he aims only to play the role of 'facilitator' rather than the 'do-er or the main actor' in the creative process. In his own words:
'It is almost as if my role & responsibility is to trigger the painting and then pull back and standby, ready to help when needed.'

The rotating art initiative supports prolonged exposure of artists to new markets as well as adding a fresh dimension to our workspace each rotation.

The exhibitions run for eight weeks, and all artworks are for sale. To find out more or to enquire about an artwork, our WOTSO team are well equipped to answer any questions you may have.
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