February 2023 Exhibition Contributing Artists Revealed!

February Exhibition Contributing Artists Revealed!

We are very excited to be sharing a number of our artists with a Blue Mountains audience—Therefore reaching our mission of increasing our artists potential for exposure.

We would like to thank Gallery ONE88 Fine Arts Directors: Sharon & Victor Peralta for their generous, collaborative bent. We are looking forward to this exhibition and celebration event in February 2023 and we will be presenting the following named artists.
The following artists have not previously displayed work with Gallery ONE88 Fine Arts:
Andy Summers
Anne Spencer
Baez Bonorat
Jack Buckley
Jemma Roberts
Kristy Fox
Luke Abdallah
Nadège Lamy
Negin Chahoud
Reeva Ashton
Skye Walter
Susie Summers
A bit of context
Nationwide curating offers an 'Activating Spaces' solution through regular art installations and art exhibitions via our 'rotating exhibition services'. Artworks are presented on artwork display systems supplied and installed through quality artwork installation services. Art is transported to and from site through our inhouse artwork transportation services 'Must-Hang Sally'. Artworks for sale through our E-commerce Business allows us to sell original and customers can buy art online directly, discreetly and securely. Our partnership with commercial and corporate clients allows us to display art in public spaces including and contributing to the Sydney art scene.
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