Join us in welcoming artist Luke Abdallah

Join us in welcoming artist Luke Abdallah.
We are ecstatic to be working with Luke Abdallah and excited to announce that he is the next artist to be featured at WOTSO: Pyrmont 'Gallery 2'—Following Kristy Fox (open now).
Luke's 3 month exhibition will be installed 25/01/2023 and ready to view from Friday 27th January 2023.
WOTSO: Pyrmont 'Gallery 2' is accessible via the Bulwara Road entrance to the WOTSO building at 55 Pyrmont Bridge Road, Pyrmont. Luke's exhibition online gallery will be available to view from 25/01/2023.
Luke Abdallah is an emerging artist, living and working in Sydney, Australia. Focussing primarily on expressive, abstract painting, Abdallah employs a multitude of tools and techniques to apply paint in swathes of texture and colour. Entranced in his artistic process, Abdallah’s gestural paint strokes capture his actions and movement, forming a rich tapestry of rhythmic energy.
Born totally blind and living with elective mutism, Abdallah incorporates multi-sensory inspiration into his works, often drawing expressiveness from a myriad of stimuli - sound, smell, texture, vibration and taste.
Keenly aware of the importance of accessible practice, Abdallah invites his audience to enjoy his works both by sight and by touch.
How we Fly (detail)
Luke Abdallah
Acrylic on canvas
149 x 122cm

How We Fly was made with movement and energy at the forefront of the artist’s mind. The animation of the artist has been captured in the work, aiming to represent the erratic flight path’s of local birds, spiralling, zig-zagging, and layered over the top of one another. Moments of stillness are captured in the dadbbing effect visible around the edges of the canvas, as though we are watching a video of hundreds of birds in flight, sped up x 100.

The primer and toothing of the canvas is visible in the top left portion of the canvas. Energetic linework can be seen spreading from the bottom, right corner, moving erratically to many points the canvas. This linework is primarily in shades of red, green and purple. Dab work can be seen spreading accross the bottom and right hand sides of the canvas, accompanied by some small sections in the blank space. These dabs are mostly tones of yellow, red and purple.

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