New Gallery NWC: Shopping Nook artist Alison James

Artist Statement - Alison James
My work combines an appreciation of the earthiness, texture and process of ceramics with my inclination towards water, often coastal locations, as I find both soothe my soul like no other remedy. This is reflected in my glazing techniques, palate and surface treatment.
I enjoy combining alternative materials with a ceramic piece and incorporate found objects from my favorite areas such as driftwood from holidays in Tea Gardens/Hawks Nest, NSW or sea glass from a number of the south coast beaches in the Illawarra region of NSW.
Gallery NWC Statement & Context
The current, Gallery Launch - Group Exhibition spans the ground floor, two galleries on Level 1 and the Gallery Shopping Nook. We have also recently added three artists from Hare Street Gallery, a Blue Mountains cooperative from Glenbrook, NSW, Alison James, Bronwyn Campbell and Ingrid Russell and you will find their ceramic pieces on L1.
We are thrilled to announce that Alison James will be an ongoing contributor to Gallery NWC. The piece pictured here sold on opening night and we could not be happier for both the buyer and artist. Congratulations Alison!
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