When Nature Meets Abstraction - Exhibition by Reeva Ashton

"When Nature Meets Abstraction"



Reeva Ashton

 Acrylic and oil on stretched canvas

50.8cm x 50.8cm


This beautiful upcoming exhibition will follow that of the current exhibition at WOTSO: Pyrmont 'Gallery 1' which is featuring tapestries by Susie Summers until December 1, 2022.
Reeva will have 4, stunning original artworks which are floral, dreamlike, still-life mash ups. Reeva explains:


"My work combines interests in psychology, painting, digital art, and photography. Digital layers of brush strokes, patterns, and flora are pushed, pulled, skewed, and reformed, before being painted and taking on a new analogue state."

Reeva Ashton
Reeva will also have a limited edition print available in 4 designs for this exhibition so stay tuned for more details to follow.
Please note the QR code will activate from 2 December 2022.


My studio practice is an exploration of found images that are cut, pasted, digitally combined, and painted. In a world where photographic media is continuously consumed, my work blends realism into abstract forms to take on entirely new representations. Like fleeting memories, only fragments of what was once visually depicted, remain. Working in a variety of mediums, each painting tells a different story, often swayed by changing states of mind. My process is reflective, personal, often driven by observation, and yet highly influenced by transitory experiences.

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