WINNER - Blue Mountains Print Prize 2019: HEATHER DUNN
Featured Exhibition at Gallery ONE88 Fine Arts - 'RESILIENT'
Meet the artist Saturday 5th November 3-5pm
Exhibition continues to 14th November 2022
Nationwide Curating had the pleasure of project managing the Blue Mountains Print Prize 2019. The winner of this prize was Heather Dunn and due to some life interruptions, Heather is now able to enjoy her award, a 2-week solo exhibition, courtesy of Gallery ONE88 Fine Arts in their premium gallery 2 space.
Congratulations again Heather Heather Dunn Artist and we know you will enjoy showing your gorgeous artworks at Gallery ONE88 Fine Arts, 186-188 Katoomba Street, Katoomba.
This exhibition stems from the inaugural Blue Mountains Print Prize, which I was delighted to win in 2019. The winning print was actually a collage that incorporated a number of techniques, none of which needed a press to produce.

I wanted to exhibit work that continues to innovate and employ a number of techniques to demonstrate that printmaking can be a flexible and evocative medium.

RESILIENT is about the environment, habitat loss and adaptation. All the fauna featured have had to adapt to change and threats, some doing better than others. The fox through no fault of its own has become the nemesis for so much of this fauna.

Featured in the prints are flora that they live with both native and introduced. The lace prints talk about power. Lace was made by those in poverty so the wealthy could adorn themselves. Likewise, those in a position of power-the colonists- have changed this land and its people forever and we are all affected by their reckless invasion.

The prints feature lino plates from my collection alongside newly carved ones. These are the basis for multi exposure, selectively bleached, cyanotypes with a bit of resin thrown in. There are no editions, these are all unique states.

A six-week residency at the Fremantle Arts Centre in 2021 was pivotal in researching the process for these prints and there are plenty more “what if’s” to explore.

Alongside these prints are a small collection of collages, mainly botanically printed, that are the forerunner to these works on paper. So often the progression of work and process is not seen, but what has gone before leads to new places through play and experimentation.
Short Bio:
Heather Dunn is a multidisciplinary artist that works mainly in textiles and on paper. She lives in Bathurst with a studio in O’Connell. Her work and inspiration centres on Place. Landscape drawing and painting en plein air, form the basis for designs for woven tapestry and collage.

Lately in response to Covid and its restrictions, our curated landscapes in our houses and gardens are also catching her eye.
Print making and disrupting the process of print making is also a passion, and the cyanotype process is lately a source of experimentation. She feels she has only scratched the surface.

Artist residencies form a back bone to her process development and exploration of ideas. Recent travels around Australia have given her much food for thought on Place and it’s continuum of history, how humans across time have moved through the landscape and altered it along the way.
A bit of context
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