Gallery NWC: Katoomba

Exhibition Spaces 

Nationwide Curating was established in 2021 to encourage artists to exhibit their art in a post COVID context with affordability and practicality in mind. Relationships with corporate exhibition host partners were established enabling artists to show their work throughout Sydney, NSW Australia. Gallery NWC was first established in St Leonards, NSW to broaden our network of artists and buyers. Gallery NWC has now taken on a Katoomba Street gallery space as a long-term arrangement and the corporate partner exhibition venues have become a ‘value add’ or additional, free, extended exhibition opportunity to artists who book exhibitions at Gallery NWC Katoomba.



Gallery NWC offers rotating exhibitions on the ground floor across two gallery spaces and dedicated consignment spaces on the upper level and staircase. Gallery NWC will also host art classes, demonstrations, art prize events and much more.


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Consignment Spaces

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