[SOLD] Charismatic Cockatiels

[SOLD] Charismatic Cockatiels

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Charismatic Cockatiels

Lisa Kennedy

Graphite pencil on paper

56cm x 47.5cm [framed]





In an uncertain world haunted by ever developing pressures, I feel compelled to document and depict the beauty of our birds and wildlife.  My art practise aims to capture and convey the inherent ‘wildness’ of these creatures, creatures which indeed may oneday be lost to us, in order to forever honour and pay homage to them. Through layers of fine detailed pencil work, I attempt to recreate the minute details of their features, to convey their inherent beauty and breathtaking vitality. In my mixed media artworks, I collectively work in pen, ink, pastel and charcoal, to capture the essence of the creature, through a looser, more suggestion styling. I hope to convey the life, light, and movement of the subject. As both an artist and a veterinarian, I feel highly emotionally connected to the wellbeing of our wildlife, and ultimately am highly sympathetic to their plight and passionate about their conservation.



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