[SOLD] Lawn Needs a Mow But It's Too Dewy

[SOLD] Lawn Needs a Mow But It's Too Dewy

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Lawn Needs a Mow But It's Too Dewy $1100

Douglas Schofield

Watercolour monotype

94cm x 75cm (framed)



Douglas Schofield is an emerging Sydney based artist. In 2017 he graduated Fine Art (Hons) at UNSW Art & Design, major painting, minor printmaking. Douglas grew up in Eden, on the Far South Coast of NSW, in his parents rambling garden. This early immersion in Nature has resulted in a practice that focuses on gardens as curious sites of Nature/Human interaction. Schofield has had solo and group exhibitions nationally at galleries such as M Contemporary (NSW), Kudos Gallery (NSW), Sawtooth Gallery (TAS), Gaffa Gallery (NSW), AirSpace (NSW), and Megalo (ACT), amongst others. He has been exhibited internationally in China, Spain, and the Phillipines, and has work on display currently in the Macquarie Group collection, Sydney.


Douglas Schofield's current practice is focused on gardens, considering them intriguing sites of Nature/Human interaction. Schofield believes that gardens, both indoor and outside, allude to a significant facet of the human condition; needing / desiring a closeness with Nature. In an anthropocentric reality where human impacted spaces are the norm, it is fitting that we cultivate sites that 'feel natural'. The 'garden' is a place of wild natural forces corralled and controlled in conflictingly subtle and obtuse ways. There is a tension in these sites of curated Nature that he aims to translate through painting and printmaking. Schofield's work is searching for a sense of atmosphere, it is not didactically representational or figurative. Colour and form are informed by plants and gardens broadly. There is also an element of invention, as the paintings draw from memory, but always gesture back towards tangible things such as petals, leaves, and garden detritus. Overall, it is Schofield's aim to convey some sort of open, atmospheric garden space, in which an audience can conjure or embed their own memories and narratives of, as well as feelings towards these curious sites of curated Nature.


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