Pastel Pastoral

Pastel Pastoral

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Pastel Pastoral 

Anjee Du Terreau

Acrylic on canvas

61 x 76cm


Artist’s Statement

Every painting is a voyage of discovery for both viewer and the artist. Not knowing the final outcome and enjoying the journey with all its roadblocks, diversion signs and open roads is what excites me as an artist. I love to get lost in the process of creating - entering a liminal space, that timeless location where intuition can be my guide. By using vibrant colour to emphasise the kinetic energy found in the natural world, I strive to evoke a sense of joy to each of my works, to present a window of hope in an increasingly uncertain world.

Artist’s Biography

“Celebrating the joyous effect of colour on the soul is key to my work.”

Based in Mudgee, central west NSW, Anjee du Terreau pays homage to the local landscape and environment in terms of bold colour often with a twist of the unexpected. Her work is usually initiated by a photo taken on trips around the local backroads and which provides a springboard for letting her imagination take flight, creating the living essence of the subject whilst still referencing its reality.

Anjee’s creative roots stem from the UK where she grew up with an artist father who always had a sketch book in his hand.  She originally opted for a different path and studied photography at Gloucestershire College of Art and Design UK, and later, studio ceramics at the National Art School, Sydney.  These divergent disciplines have assisted in shaping her vision in terms of perceived form and space.

Colour has always been her oeuvre and when she finally found her way from cameras and clay to paint and canvas, she carried this into her now preferred medium of acrylics.

Inspired by the Australian light with its hard contrasts of light and shade, she seeks out the richness of colour and rhythm inherent in the natural environment.


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