[SOLD] Peace at Last

[SOLD] Peace at Last

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Peace at Last 

Kristy Fox- Mixed media on canvas, 91cm x 122cm 


Artist Statement

Abstract art is always an unfolding mystery. I always set off in one direction, but the creative process has other ideas and before long I’m on a detour. An unexpected but welcome detour.  I can have a vision of where I want a painting to go but without notice the artwork has pulled me in another direction. This is the dance.

My creative process is one of unlearning, undoing and surrender. Painting requires me to become still enough to hear, react and follow my own voice. The artworks that resonate the deepest are always the ones that flow intuitively, reflecting a certain emotional state or mood that I am in. My artworks are my journal, they tell stories, convey feelings and are snapshots of my journey.

There’s a quote that says, “artists paint what they feel, not what they see”. This is me! My art feels like an extension of my soul. It’s primal, unstructured, and raw. I am attracted to earthy colours. The Australian landscape is often a reference point. Rich, storytelling colours and textures resonate deeply.

Artist Biography

Kristy Fox is your cookie cutter Covid 19, lock-down stereotype. While the broader population perfected their sourdough and downward dog, Kristy leaned into her passion for painting. Wrangling three small children, a husband and a puppy, Kristy’s part-time hobby took on a life of its own. This newfound spare time allowed her the space and motivation to really get her hands messy. Hulled up in her garage Kristy’s love affair began and before long her house was brimming with paintings. When there were no walls left, Kristy began selling her artworks.

Art in general has always been a huge touchstone in Kristy’s life. Finishing first for HSC art in her year 12 class, Kristy’s winding career path led her many places including a sojourn in graphic design, event management and t-shirt design.  A large component of her life before abstract painting was spent in the community and charity sector. Upon completing a Bachelor of Development Studies, Kristy co-founded ‘She the Change’ a community organisation inspiring woman to make a difference in the world.

When she’s not painting you will find her ocean swimming, gardening, daydreaming about tropical islands, knocking back iced coffees, and doing yoga. She is also in the process of setting up her own Kinesiology practice on the Central Coast due to open its doors early 2023.


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